Think Twice Charity

Think Twice, registered in the United Kingdom as charity with charity no.1144619, is currently focusing on helping the communities of Late Atitlan in the Covid-19 crisis with the view of creating self-sustainable communities in the absence of tourism, on which the local economy is based.
We continue to support youths through education, even as we shift our focus to the current crisis at hand.
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Ross Burland

Co-Founder & Trustee

Ross, with a professional background of international business and sales in the financial services industry, has been at the forefront of the development of Think Twice’s vision and subsequent work to date. Ross took a long vacation from his London City based career in 2009/10 and started to travel Central America. He first volunteered in the Q’eqchi populations and impoverished villages of the Rio Dulce area in the department of Izabal, Guatemala, from July 2010 – April 2011 and then returned to the U.K. inspirited by his experiences with the Q’eqchi and Latin America as a whole. Having then incorporated Think Twice in 2011, registered as a charity in the U.K. and Wales for the main purpose of benefiting the indigent populations throughout Central America, it was not long before Ross returned to Guatemala compelled to continue making a positive difference. Besides his involvement with Think Twice, he is a financial markets analyst at FXStreet. While residing in Guatemala he directly cares for three Q’eqchi siblings from Cerro San Gil who had lost their parents to poverty at a young age.

Oscar Mila

Oscar Mila

Trustee & Field Operations Manager

I have combined my educational degrees to create a program that reaches the poorest communities and rebuilds them so that they are productive, progressive, self sustained and fully educated. My purpose is not to convert people, but rather expand their environment while maintaining their beautiful cultures. My goal is to build an educational informative center in every remote community of the country and to reach as many communities as possible so that they can become self sufficient in order to provide their young ones with all the services they deserve; not with handouts but with hard work. I believe that every community has the opportunity to work together and produce their own way of living in means of healthy organic foods and product for export in the fare trade markets. Communities that reach this point should be able to build on their own health clinics, schools, community centers and have the right to develop protected areas for tourism. As a team builder and on the field program director I make a call to anyone who wants to make a difference to come and visit our programs. I have a team of volunteers in all areas and every day we learn from each other, creating every day much better environments for those who truly deserve it. My heart is here in Guatemala and so is my purpose. I keep to my mission statement which is: “To build self-sustainable environments without interfering with the culture.”